Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Knot Dress

Knot Dress

 Look at this amazing knot dress.  Molly knows exactly how to put great patterns together to make a unique dress for your daughter or niece to wear.  It has 3 gathered tiers of material for the skirt, coordinating material for the top, and ribbon straps that adjust with a "knot."  The elastic waist and adjustable straps make this dress a great fit for all girls.  Molly can also make coordinating dresses for sisters or add a neck/bow tie for the entire family.  This dress is completely customizable and Molly has incredible taste in fabrics, patterns, and sew it together with professional quality.  It is shown her as a size 5.

Please check out Molly's Etsy Site Totally Terrific.

To bid on this item, please place your name and bid below in the comments section.  You should also e-mail me your contact information to themoweryfamilytrust@yahoo.com if you win the auction.


  1. Though Emerson has a ways to go until she fits this ADORABLE dress, I can't resist! I'll start at $15.00.
    ~ Becky

  2. $20 - Heather



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