Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Child's Play Cape

Child's Play Dress - Up Cape

Remember when your mom used to help you tie a cape around your neck?  Do you remember how special it made you feel?  Give your child child that feeling with a reversible satin cape from Lolly's Lovelies.  
Reversible and fully washable.  
The closure is Velcro for a secure fit and easy release.
Emblem is appliquéd felt.  
You may choose one of the capes I have in stock, or I will customize one for you.  I can embroider a name on the emblem, use an initial as the emblem on one side, use a different emblem... Anything your heart desires :)


To bid on this item, please place your name and bid below in the comments section.  You should also e-mail me your contact information to themoweryfamilytrust@yahoo.com if you win the auction.


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