Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Child's Stottlemyer Rocker

Child’s Sized Stottlemyer Rocker

The chair for auction is the size of a normal child's rocker.

These beautiful rockers are nothing short of amazing. Of course, Alexander is partial to them because he has one himself.  His grandfather crafted these rockers as replicas of the original Stottlemyer rockers – made by Alexander’s great great great …. Grandfather.  The rockers are absolutely beautiful and completely smooth to the touch.  Andrew, Addison, and Alexander each have their own rocker.  The child-sized rocker is the size of Andrew and Addison’s – perfect for a child to have years of fun.  The back is woven like Alexander’s.  ~ This unique design was especially created for Alexander. ~  Not only is it comfortable, but if a child were to need additional support, a support strap could be fastened around the backstitching.

One Chair is for Auction, but after the auction is over, you could still have a chance to own a Stottlemyer chair (the originals are famous… just Google them) created by Alexander’s grandfather.  Any orders placed during the month of JULY will be only $400 ~ and $100 of that price will go into Alexander’s Trust. 

Minimum Starting Bid is $100.00

To bid on this item, please place your name and bid below in the comments section.  You should also e-mail me your contact information to themoweryfamilytrust@yahoo.com if you win the auction.


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