Friday, May 27, 2011

Hand Crafted Disciple's Cross Necklace

Hand Crafted Disciple's Cross Necklace
Hand Crafted Disciple Cross Necklace. This simple yet timeless design can be a constant reminder of your discipleship to the Lord. This necklace normally retails for almost $10.00  By purchasing a necklace, you can have a beautiful outward reminder of the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins and benefit Alexander's cause at the same time.  These crosses were designed by Bill Caldwell. Bill is a member of the Cumberland Valley Woodturners club.

There are 10 crosses donated, so the top 10 bidders will receive a cross.

To bid on this item, please place your name and bid below in the comments section.  You should also e-mail me your contact information to if you win the auction.
The cost of shipping, (if any) will be added to your bid.  Standard Postal Shipping will be used.

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