Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vase - Wood Turned and Carved

This is an exquisite vase turned in wood with carvings stippled into the outside.

This piece is approx. 4.5" high and 4" diameter.  It is turned from Cherry, the piece is hollowed so the walls are 1/8" thick.  The mustang motif is woodburned on and the background in the spiral of horses is stippled with a dremel tool.  The black gesso (artists' paint) is then applied, except in the mustangs.   The entire piece is then coated with a wax and buffed to a matt sheen.

This piece would be a beautiful addition to any decor.  
Molly Winton is a professional wood turner.  If you are interested in seeing more of her work or ordering something if you do not win this beautiful piece, please check out her website http://www.turningmaven.com/ or contact her at turningmaven@hotmail.com

Minimum Starting Bid $20.00

To bid on this item, please place your name and bid below in the comments section.  You should also e-mail me your contact information to themoweryfamilytrust@yahoo.com if you win the auction.


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