Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Custom Bottle cap Bows

Unique Bottle cap Bows
This Bow actually says "Alexander's Seizure Dog" on it and has the paw prints! 

Intricately designed with layers of coordinating ribbon, these bows will make any outfit look amazing.  The Bottle caps are painted and decorated with unique designs that will make your little girl, tween, or teenager stylish!

For more information, contact Dianna at Twincess Inspirations.  Make sure you "Like" her on Facebook:
Diana has generously donated enough bows to Alexander's Auction that we can have a "Buy It Now" feature.  For $6.00 each, you can purchase a hand crafted bow.  You may purchase 3 bows for $15.00.  These prices include shipping.


  1. I want to purchase the bow that reads "Alexander's Seizure Dog". Kristen, I want you to keep the bow as your own little keepsake from the auction.

  2. I would like the blue & green DIVA bow!

  3. Hi, you can reach me at to order. Savannah, that is so sweet of you. Just send the money directly to Kristen, message me and I will mail it out.


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